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Public Policy

Merritt Capital supports various public policy initiatives that promote increased resources for affordable housing and legislative efforts to facilitate more effective use of existing resources. Listed below are several initiatives and agendas from various organizations which Merritt supports. We encourage you to find out more about these efforts through the links provided.

Campaign for Affordable Housing
The Campaign for Affordable Housing is a national, nonpolitical nonprofit organization dedicated to dispelling the negative stereotypes surrounding affordable housing. Supported by a wide range of industry leaders, The Campaign for Affordable Housing promotes the benefits of affordable housing and acts as a clearinghouse for local and regional organizations. The Campaign is dedicated to combating NIMBYism (Not-In-My-Back-Yard) and building grassroots support for government affordable housing initiatives. The Campaign does not lobby on behalf of specific policy proposals: it is solely dedicated to the message that affordable housing is an asset to our communities and that citizens who understand its value must take action to support its creation.

National Housing Trust Fund Campaign
The National Housing Trust Fund Campaign is working to establish a National Housing Trust Fund that would build and preserve 1.5 million units of rental housing for the lowest income families over the next 10 years.

National Council of State Housing Agencies’ Legislative Agenda
To preserve private activity tax-exempt housing bonds (Housing Bonds) and the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (Housing Credit) program and maintain their effectiveness under any tax reform proposal Congress pursues.

  • Enhancements in the Housing Bond and Credit programs to simplify their administration, increase their flexibility, and make them even more responsive to states’ housing needs, including exempting them from the Alternative Minimum Tax.
  • Increased HOME funds, without federal set-asides, and changes to HOME that increase flexibility, improve efficiency, and eliminate needless bureaucracy.
  • Legislation and regulation supporting efforts to preserve at-risk affordable housing, including exit tax relief.
  • Funding at least sufficient to renew all authorized Section 8 vouchers, uphold Section 8 project-based assistance commitments, and provide for the programs’ administration, and opportunities to make these programs more effective, while protecting them from harmful changes.
  • Aggressive GSE affordable housing goals; continued and increased GSE investment in HFA-issued taxable and tax-exempt housing bonds, Housing Credits, and other programs; and a GSE-financed affordable housing grant fund.

Corporation for Supportive Housing’s Compact to End Homelessness
The Compact to End Homelessness was drafted by a cross-section of supportive housing providers, advocates and public officials from around the country, to build on the momentum that is growing nationally to end — not just manage — homelessness. It commits those who endorse it to “a focused, committed national initiative to end long-term homelessness over the coming decade by creating 150,000 units of permanent supportive housing targeted to families and individuals who are homeless for the long-term and by preventing more people from joining their ranks.”

Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California’s Action Agenda
Review NPH’s Action Agenda, sign-up for Action Alerts, or join NPH’s Legislative Committee.

National Housing Conference
NHC’s Policy Bank lists advocacy positions on the cutting edge of housing concerns and advocates for policies, programs and legislation that help to provide suitable housing in a safe decent environment.

California Housing Consortium
The California Housing Consortium, formed in 1997, is a coalition of developers, lenders, state and local government officials, homebuilders, investors, property managers, residents, and housing professionals who share the common goal of expanding and improving affordable housing opportunities for all Californians.